Saturday, April 21, 2012

ROXY and I

Hi Lovely people, IM BACK!!!! weeeeeee <3

okay my blog's really really really errr how do u put in words? SCREWED? like seriously haven been updating it for at least 2 years... Even after SPM where i have more than 3 months of free time to organize n update my blog, I dint even bother to do it. WAY THE GO SHER LYNN! *silly face*

I really dont know how to start writing this post, OH MAW GAWD... wanted to create a new blog but awwww nooo i feel so bad deserting this blog.. hehe... I LOVE YOU BLOGGGIE <3

Currently living in LOSTVILLE, im unsure bout my future plans like which college to go to or what course to take or whether or not to go overseas etc etc. WHY IS IT SO HARD!!!! and its already the end of april n im still lost n others are already in class. But nahhhh i think its fine. Myb i'll go for Pre-U programmes? hmm myb.. hahahah


- joined ROXY's competition, met wonderful new friends, went on the flo-rider

deng deng deng its the most awesome yet scary experience for me cause i've never been exposed to this kind of competition before? yea.. im really really really nervous bout the whole thing... and when i'm nervous i cant walk well i cant talk well and i dont look good LOL 

Day 1
Meet and greet with the girls <3 


Picture session at U-mobile Times Square ;)

Day 2
Flo-riding lessons at Sunway Surf beach
This is thrilling.. the water just smashes in ur face if you slip.. haha..
i got tiny bruises on my knee because of this >< but no biggie 

Group pictureee :))) me and the hottiess ;)

So yea.. im pretty nervous right now.. Roxy's having a fashion show at Midvalley tomorrow and i have to actually walk in it? in heels? omg so unsteady like SERIOUSLY !!!! kaki sakittttttt ><

So if you're free, do drop by midvalley tomorrow (22/4/12) 5.30pm to cheer on me and the other girls.. Hope to see you guys there WEEE <3 

*pls dont fall pls dont fall pls dont fall HAHAHAHAH* 

mwahhhh!!! <3

Saturday, June 19, 2010

once upon a time..

sometimes i really do pity my blog..

few weeks ago.. 
was miggling through all the old photo albums where dust had already built an empire on it..
saw lots of photo's i've never seen before *some*
and photos which i havent seen quite awhile.. 
so here goes..*heyyahhhh attitude*

this is the awesome me..
yes! i admit it.. i USED to be super chubby and even now a little bit..
with full round cheeks and a smile that hides my eyes
imagine Butternut Squash! =))
just that my face is not that long.. haha..
parents even say i look like "la bi xiao xin"

can you spot me?
my collection of plushiess.. 
ours actually.. me my sis my mom.
but half of it is donated to the orphans cuz TOO MUCH!!

me and my sister deary..
showing off our sailormoon tattoo.
great fan of sailormoon back then..

okay.. many of you says my brother is CUTE!
chubby and all..
but disagree and agree too..  he still makes me tear my own hair off..
but when zenn was like very young..
making funny sounds

but still he's my brother i love him very much.. HAHA

familiar faces?
from left lap zia
this is a photo taken when we went carolling with w.a.g gang few days before christmas
it was fun.
everyone holding candles walking singing =)

 Fashion Show at Mines..
nothing to say..
kena marah by ms cclia during practise
cuz i hunch while i walk.. and im super shy.. haha

jason and jane
only have 2 photos arghh.. searching for others badly

and this ahhh..
i dint know that this photo exist..
from left my best friend-but lost contact, weng sum... me... edward... then i d k who.. lol

we are chinapek!

okay.. booooooooooooring..
finished all my essays.. but not sure what to do with 3 of mr. science

so gtg brb synt?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

i < 3 Vanness Wu..

He is just so HOT! lol

Hot why?

- i guess he's mix *1/2 taiwanese 1/2 american*
-hot body
-born in US
-speaks fluent english 
-huge smile
- good looking *when he is dancing*
-awesome dancer awesome dancer awesome dancer
- very cute in shows
- =) =) =)


but awesome me..



 Mommy Family Side 
gonna post a post bout grandads bday soon lol

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

lol.. im S-I-C-K

i'm sick.. awesome rite? such great awesomeness (what?)  i have this urge to blog.. i d k why what when whatever and all the other w words makes me wanna blog..

 our lovely winners =D 
who willingly dance the macarena

went to my cuz's wedding right after sukan.. so exhausted..
DONALD and SHELYN's wedding..
yes! my cuz's name is call SHELYN..
i only know it when i reach there.. i've never seen that cuz b4 actually..
its my mom's cousin's daughter..
and they're migrating to austria right after their wedding..

sitting round the table with my uncles and aunties..
was so exhausted i almost fell asleep on the spot..
bro says i look dead.. dark and tired.. lol
uncle says im drunk... red cuz sunburn
and i keep hearing my name been called but its not me its the bride..

my niece - my aunt - dexter - me - siew chee - zenn

my niece same age with me.. HAHA

dexter who loves camwhoring.. lol

 dexter's cuz from johor..
well she looks very young..
i told her : you look very young i guess you're younger than me..
she was : huh? how old are you?
me : im 16 , you? 15 or 16?
she: ha-ha.. im 18..

so.. im having gastrik-fever-flu-dizzy-sorethroat-titis..
parents says i eat too little.. and keep telling me I TOLD YOU SO I TOLD YOU SO...
and now.. i cant eat sweets oily stuff nasi lemak pisang goreng.. i cant even drink warm water the doc says it'll make me puke..(what?)
only oat meal cereal bread.. its awesome also actually cuz i love fibre food.. LOL

main point...
was peekaboo-ing at fb and saw liann's post..
dam i shouldnt have skip school today.. ungu's "family" photo was taken today.. me and vivian's face SHOULD be in it... VOGUE!! lol
then the whole MTT thing started again.. mtt = smt funny ( unknown )
then while LOL-ing halfway i remembered i have some oral thingy to do..
not sure whether its still ON onot..
due date = last wed/thurs 
told teacher i was buzy cant do it ,postpone to this week
but i MIA for 3 days...
anything looo i still do it.. for my groups sake..
or myb they have done it.. hmm? 

*click* google
*pressed* enter
*browsed* page
*click* treating common illness homemade remedies
*see see see* 
flu, cough, cataracts, asthma, conjunctivitis, acne , cracked nipples........ wth? i stopped at that for a few seconds... cracked nipples are counted as common illness? and it reminded me of mtt.. LOL

well random much...

maxis sucks? my line is totally o-u-t now..
and my phone gone crazy..

well yea.. i think thats it..
i love purple!!! lol

and erm.. just so you know..i d k whats happening..
to some random people... RaNdOm.. 
wooOoOoOoOoOo.. awkward.. just gonna sit down relax and see whats gonna happen..
hehehe =D

LETS DO THE MACARENA!!! dum dum dee dummm...

Monday, April 5, 2010

lol.. must see.. HAHA

gosh gosh.. like so totally ha-ha..

zenn aka ZENNITO created his first ever blog/email/skype acc..

he's very excited though.. HAHA

and he force you to add him.. haha



cant blog more..

buzy with my earth!!

i <3 earth

signing out now..